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Support APTA’s Campaign for Future Generations

To support APTA’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, we have created a two-year Campaign for Future Generations that will conclude at the end of 2021, APTA’s centennial year.

Net proceeds from APTA’s centennial activities will support this campaign, but we are also accepting individual donations.

Gifts can be made to any of the following by clicking the links below:

  • Dimensions of Diversity Fund: This new fund will support APTA’s efforts to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion within the profession and association.
  • Minority Scholarship Fund: This longstanding fund provides scholarships to PT and PTA students and faculty of ethnic and racial minorities.
  • Physical Therapy Fund: Unrestricted donations to the Physical Therapy Fund support the Dimensions of Diversity Fund or the Minority Scholarship Fund, as needed.

The first 10,000 people to donate at least $10 to any of the above funds will have their name included at APTA’s new headquarters on the Community Wall, an artistic installation on the first floor. See below for more details.

Walking from the lobby toward the cafe and fitness area, the colorful panels evoke movement.
The word community becomes visible as you pass by the wall.
Donor names are visible when walking from the cafe and fitness area toward the lobby.

Use any of the links above to donate in support of the Campaign for Future Generations. Please note that the Community Wall will display only the names of individual people (not businesses or brands) and that no additional messaging can be added (there is no space for tributes or other messages). Prior to construction we will contact the first 10,000 donors to confirm the desired spelling of your name. If you would like to donate in honor of someone else, you can provide that person’s name in place of yours at that time. (This is an individual opportunity. Bulk purchases are not accepted.)

APTA is also raising money for the campaign through the sale of various naming rights opportunities within APTA’s new headquarters. Contact Judy Lewis, APTA senior business development specialist, if you would like to learn more: judylewis@apta.org.

Please direct questions about APTA’s diversity, equity, and inclusion activities to dei@apta.org.