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Serve: Ways to Give Back in 2021

Consistent with our vision, we want to give back to society for our landmark anniversary, and we’ll need your help.

Beginning September 22, we’ll close out our centennial with 100 days of service to make a coordinated impact on our communities.

We hope you will do something to make a difference in those final 100 days of the year, but don’t feel limited to that window. Any community service during our centennial year is welcome and contributes to our goal to make a positive impact on society in this special year.

We are currently collaborating with our chapters and sections, partners, and other aligned organizations to identify various opportunities for coordinated involvement, and those will be posted here when available.

Share Your Achievements

During and after your own service initiative it is important you engage your colleagues, other APTA members, and potential members. It is our goal to be inclusive of the entire profession when we’re giving back and what a great way to do good while at the same time engaging other physical therapists.

  • Share Your Event on the Centennial Celebration Calendar

If you plan to hold an event, be sure to add it to the events calendar on this web site via the online form. This will be the central place to share activities and events that are available in their areas.

  • Social Media

Share your activities with your social media followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And be sure to tag the American Physical Therapy Association, aptapics, and @APTAtweets on each platform, respectively, and use the hashtag #APTA100 on all of your social media posts. Share photos, videos, and stories, and encourage your colleagues, family, and friends to do the same.

  • Keep APTA National in the Loop

Let us know what you’re planning and how things went. Share your photos and stories with us via the online form on our centennial celebration microsite.

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