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APTA Move Together Centennial Celebration Service Initiative

About Move Together

Move Together, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) for-impact organization whose mission is to promote transformation through the power of movement, around the corner and around the world. Move Together has three flagship programs that have touched all 50 states and over 80 countries.

PT Day of Service is a global initiative that catalyzes the physical therapy community each year to engender and participate in service projects and opportunities in their communities, while promoting the importance of movement. Each year the physical therapy community donates goods, funds, and their time to better their piece of the world that they are in. The essence of PTDOS is local service for a global effect.

Pro Bono Incubator is a United States-based program in which resources, mentorship, and grant funding are provided to rehab, pain management, movement clinics, and social impact organizations looking to meet the health needs of their communities. PBI has given $40,000 to 19 entities since the program’s inception. It has served as a spark for new projects or as an accelerator for existing ones in states all over the U.S.

Clinic Development Program works with communities in different countries to cultivate programs that empower clinicians and to develop clinics and access points to meet the needs of community members. Through the collaboration with clinics and programs, thousands of patients in different countries around the world have received rehab and movement-based care, when they may not have been able to otherwise.

History of the APTA and Move Together Partnership

The American Physical Therapy Association has been an integral and valued partner to Move Together, Inc., since the very beginning. APTA was there in 2015 when a nascent idea that was called PTDOS saw 28 countries participate in the first year and has seen an average of 50 countries participate in the last several years. APTA has been central to Move Together’s ability to provide grants through Pro Bono Incubator and the dynamic projects that we collaborate in different efforts, ranging from outdoor activities for patients with neurological disorders to programs that use music and movement activities to alleviate pain. APTA staff and members from around the U.S. have served with Move Together in small towns and large cities throughout Latin America. Journeying and collaborating with APTA has been essential to the drive of Move Together’s mission and pursuit of its vision.

Move Together Service Opportunities

If you’d like to be involved in a service initiative that supports Move Together’s mission, here are a few options for you to consider:

  • For Individuals:
  • For Components
    • Explore a formal collaboration with Move Together to pursue common initiatives and to provide opportunities for members.
    • Sign up to receive updates of opportunities and happenings that can be shared with members.
    • Request a Move Together team member to present virtually or in person at component conferences.
  • For Practice and Academic Settings
    • Explore a formal collaboration with Move Together to pursue common initiatives and to provide service opportunities for staff or students.
    • Invite your community to join our Catalyst Club Program.

Share Your Achievements

During and after your own service initiative it is important that you engage your colleagues, other APTA members, and potential members. We want to be inclusive of the entire profession when we’re giving back, and what a great way to do good, and at the same time, engage other physical therapists.

  • Recruit Service Activity Volunteers via APTA Engage
    List your event on APTA Engage to publicize your event and recruit volunteers.
  • Share Your Event on the Centennial Celebration Calendar
    If you plan to hold an event, be sure to add it to the events calendar on the APTA Centennial Celebration microsite. This is the central place to share activities and events that are available in your area.
  • Social Media
    Share your activities with your social media followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And be sure to tag APTA, aptapics, and @APTAtweets on each platform respectively, and use the hashtag #APTA100 on all of your social media posts. Share photos, videos, and stories, and encourage your colleagues, family, and friends to do the same.
  • Keep APTA National in the Loop
    Let us know what you’re planning and how things went. Share your photos and stories with us via the online form on our centennial celebration microsite.