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APTA-GoBabyGo Centennial Celebration Service Initiative

About GoBabyGo

The GoBabyGo project was started at the University of Delaware and has been adopted by schools and service groups around the world. Its mission is focused on increasing mobility and quality of life solutions for children whose access to such may be limited during their early developmental years for a variety of reasons.
An innovative movement for inclusiveness, its growth is a testimony to the project’s success. Centered around the modification of ride-on cars for children with disabilities, the network of engaged participants and leaders has expanded as individuals and organizations independently spearhead their own programs to build ride-on cars for children in their communities.

The History of the APTA/GoBabyGo Relationship

APTA has a long history with GoBabyGo which includes hosting builds at CSM, Student Conclave, and NEXT. Additionally, GoBabyGo has been featured in research presentations from the level of posters to invited talks at our national conferences. In 2018, APTA funded and participated in a build modifying cars for children with mobility needs in the local DC metro area.

GoBabyGo Service Opportunities

If you’d like to be involved in a service initiative that supports GoBabyGo’s mission to increase mobility for children, here are a few options for you to consider:

  • Learn more about GoBabyGo:
    • The Facebook page is a great place not only to see updates from the project and relevant news stories, but also to connect with other clinicians. Moreover, the page contains photos and videos of ride-cars modified by parents, clinicians, and the GoBabyGo team. These photos and videos may give you additional ideas for modifying and using ride-on cars.
    • The YouTube channel includes several videos that demonstrate how to make basic modifications to ride-on cars.
  • Get Involved:
    • Join a build! Contact GoBabyGo’s Cole Galloway at jacgallo@udel.edu to learn about programs in your area.
    • If you’re interested in starting a program in your community, Cole Galloway can pair you with one of the local GoBabyGo Chapters or robotics clubs.

Share Your Achievements

During and after your own service initiative it is important that you engage your colleagues, other APTA members, and potential members. We want to be inclusive of the entire profession when we’re giving back, and what a great way to do good, and at the same time, engage other physical therapists.

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  • Keep APTA National in the Loop
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